Down another forgotten hallway lie more unexplored rooms.

Each room contains another world waiting to be discovered.

Some are wonderful and beautiful, others are dark and terrible.

You won't know which until you step inside.

So take a deep breath, and open the door...

15 stories by 15 authors

Featuring: J. A. Campbell — W.O. Hemsath — D.H. Aire — Michael James — C.J. Dotson — S.A. McKenzie —Amelia Kibbie — Carolyn Kay — J. L. Royce — Kitty Sarkozy — Erik A. Johnson — Lynne Phillips — Kat Farrow — Stephen L. Antczak — G.A. Miller — Edited by Sam Knight

Title: Particular Passages 3

Author Name: Campbell, JA; Hemsath, WO; Aire, DH; James, MIchael; Dotson, CJ; McKenzie, SA; Kibbie, Amelia; Kay, Carolyn; Royce, JL; Sarkozy. Kitty; Johnson, Erik A; Phillips. Lynne; Farrow, Kat; Antczak, Stephen L; Miller. GA

ISBN: 1628690518

ISBN-13: 9781628690514

Location Published: Knight Press: 2022

Book Condition: NEW

lb: 1.10 lb

Categories: Fiction

Seller ID: 9781628690514

Keywords: anthology, fantasy, science fiction