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Magic Portals

Most people will never see one.
Most will never even hear of one.
Those few who do usually only get one chance to go through.

Dare you step through?

We've all dreamed of going someplace far, far away. Someplace magical. Here are seventeen tales of magical adventures to take you to those far away places.

Featuring stories by

  • Aaron Haden
  • Brenda Carre
  • Carol Hightshoe
  • Carolyn Kay
  • Claire Davon
  • Dana Bell
  • David Boop
  • Diane Arrelle
  • Edward J. Knight
  • James Rumpel
  • Jodi Rizzotto
  • Ken Hoover
  • Lucinda Gunnin
  • Robinne Weiss
  • Tim Newton Anderson
  • and edited by Sam Knight