If you're traditionally published and need a reliable place to get your own books, please contact us for an author purchase quote for bulk quantities of your book. We have accounts with all major publishers as well as Ingram and we can offer you your books at a deep discount and with very attractive shipping rates. Accounts include:

    • Amazon / Brilliance (Montlake, Skyscrape, Thomas & Mercer, etc)
    • Arbordale
    • Arcadia/History Press
    • Book Travelers West (Workman, Caxton, Familius, Interlink, Kumon, Litographs. Microcosm, Naval Inst. Press, Washington State Uni Press)
    • Capstone
    • Cengage
    • Chicago Distribution Center
    • Clear Fork/Stanford American
    • EDC/Usborne/Kane Miller
    • Free Spirit
    • Hachette (including Grand Central,Little Brown, Warner, Hyperion, etc)
    • HarperCollins (including Avon, Eos, William Morrow, Thomas Nelson, Greenwillow, etc)
    • HCI Books
    • Henery Press
    • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
    • Ingram / Ingram Publishing Services
    • IPG- Independent Publishers Group/ Trafalgar Square
    • Itasca Books
    • Lerner
    • Llewellyn
    • Longleaf
    • Macmillan (including St Martins, Tor/Forge, FSG, Holt, etc)
    • Moonshine Cove
    • MX Publishing
    • National Book Network
    • Oceanview/IPS
    • Pelican Publishing
    • Penguin Random House (including Berkley, Signet, DAW, Viking, Bantam, Doubleday, Dell, Spectra, Crown, Waterbrook, etc.)
    • Pomegranate Press
    • Press 53
    • Roarke Educational
    • Scholastic
    • Shadow Mountain
    • Simon & Schuster (including Harlequin, MIRA, Atria, Gallery, Pocket, Aladdin,  Sky Horse, Sky Pony, etc)
    • Sleeping Bear Press/Cherry Lake
    • Small Press Distribution
    • Sourcebooks
    • Star Bright
    • Steiner Books
    • Sterling Books
    • Sussman
    • Tyndale House
    • University of Oklahoma
    • University of Toronto Press
    • Waldorf (lead time 4 weeks)
    • Albert Whitman
    • Wild Rose Press
    • WW Norton
    • Zebra/Kensington (via Penguin Random House)
    • and other smaller individual publishers

For instance, with a 50 copy order (mixed titles are fine) from Ingram, you can get free freight to the continental US. Quantities less than 50 include a fee for shipping. No sales tax for Ingram orders except in the state of Colorado.
For publisher orders (all royalty generating!), the minimum sized order varies between 25-30 depending on company, and most orders qualify for a $5 flat rate shipping fee per order. We'll always compare all potential inventory sources for your best pricing. Your local sales tax rate may apply for some publisher orders.


Why order from us when you can order from your publisher instead?

    • CONTRACT CLAUSE 1: Your contract most likely has a clause which gives you a great discount, but you'll be restricted from re-selling those books. And you'll pay freight costs.
    • CONTRACT CLAUSE 2: Your contract most likely has another clause that says that any books sold directly to you are NOT counted against your sell-thru and you get no royalties from the publisher for those books.
    • ROYALTIES- YES!: You get your royalties and the books do count against your sell-thru.
    • NEW! All sales are reported to the New York Times for list consideration.
    • HOW THIS HELPS YOUR NEXT BOOK: The publisher is selling the books to us and we're simply shipping them to you. (They don't care where we're shipping them.) They look at the number of books sold when considering the print run for your next book. Also, when books comes from Ingram, you get a double-whammy because you're setting a pattern of sales that Ingram will use when placing their pre-orders which in turn influences the publisher when determining the print run for the next book.
    • NO RESTRICTIONS: There are no restrictions from us, from Ingram or from your publisher preventing you from selling your own books obtained in this manner. They're selling the books to us, not to you.

To get a quote, please email us (authorauthor at Prodigy.net) and include:

    • Author name (and real name if applicable)
    • Titles(s)
    • Release date (really only necessary for future releases)
    • Your zipcode
    • Your local sales tax rate (might or might not apply to your order but it's helpful to have)
    • Quantities desired (50 copies of one title is your best selection for purchases from Ingram with free shipping) 
    • ISBN(s)
    • Publisher(s)
    • f you need the books by a certain date

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us!

 Why do we do this?  We're authors as well as booksellers.
We think authors shouldn't have to pay full price to get their own books.